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Lynette, Aus - July 2019
"It was a great day. We managed to see quite a few different sites, something you would struggle to do on your own without the background knowledge. Pete's manner with all was excellent, despite considerable range of age, background etc."


Abhinandan, India - July 2019

"Pete is a great guide. He made us feel very welcome and comfortable and provided good insights into the flora and fauna in the national park, along with the history and the cultural heritage of the place. Not just the park, he was also proficient in tying it to the historical information of Australia, which made it more interesting. We learnt a lot in the time we spent on the trip. At the end of the trip, the homecooked meal he packed along for us was a very sweet gesture and we are very thankful for the personal touch he gave to the trip. His trip planning and execution were very fluid and free-flowing and at no point in time we felt rushed. All in all, I was very happy with the trip. Would definitely lookout for all the other destinations he plans to guide and I wish him all the best for the future."


Alissa, USA - August 2019

"Waterfall tour was fantastic, and I highly recommend to anyone in the Gold Coast! He took us to several amazing waterfalls and made us a great picnic lunch. We decided we wanted to see more, so he took us to a kangaroo and koala reserve! Peter was fun to talk with, and told us a lot about the local landscape/history. He also dropped us off at a great beach for sunset afterwards. Highly recommend, amazing tour!"


Brian, USA - August 2019

"Fantastic way to get the most out of a Gold Coast trip. I wanted to do something outside of the city (and Surfer's Paradise) for my first trip to Australia and after doing a bit of research, I found this tour. After going on the hike, I gotta say the other reviewers are spot on with how great it was. Peter was a very cool guy who was an absolute encyclopedia on all the flora, fauna and aboriginal history of the areas we visited. The hike was smoothly paced with plenty of time to stop and enjoy the nature or take pictures if you wished to.Right after meeting Peter, I (somewhat jokingly) told him I had high expectations for this hike to be the highlight of my trip to Australia and honestly... it actually was! Definitely recommend."


Clive, NZ - May 2018

"Peter was an excellent guide and very accommodating with my elderly mother who required the assistance of a wheelchair. I would recommend this tour to anyone wishing to see life beyond the city limits"

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