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Who is GCRT?
Not only do we care about the nature and the conservation of the rainforest, but the safety of our guests is paramount and our guides do their best to ensure that every person on each tour has the best possible experience, everytime! Our guides say it always feels like they are spending the day with friends rather than at work! For your peace of mind  Gold Coast Rainforest Tours is correctly insured and hold the necessary permits.

Why don't you have a 55 seater bus?
We don't want to take large groups just to make lots of money, instead have we a smaller group (up to 7 guests except for private group bookings), so if you ever have a question you'll get an answer! If you have an issue, you'll get immediate attention! Hopefully our 4WD or Van is a bit more comfortable too.

So I won't get to spend the day with a big group of strangers?
No, but in a more intimate group you may make a new friend or two! Because we are always a small group there are less people trying to take photos and to get the best view at the same time, which means we have more time to enjoy the scenery!

Do your tours visit as many places as the big companies?
Yes! In fact, because we do move faster we cut out a lot of time which sometimes get wasted in larger groups, which means we actually get to see more places in the same or less time!


Is the tour guide going to bore me with facts about the nature and rainforest?

Yes, all of our guides are very passionate about nature in general but particularly about the rainforest and like to share some of their knowledge with the guests. However we know that not everyone is interested, if you would prefer to ignore them or even listen to your own music on the drive, feel free to do so -maybe bring some headphones! 

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